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5 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Social Media Content

Congratulations! You created some killer content. Now, how you share that content, can make a world of difference.

1. Have a Plan

One of the most important elements of creating and posting content is having a plan. From the type of content you post, to when and how you showcase it, having at least a basic outline of your goals and how you plan to accomplish them is key. 

For example: If you’re looking to increase engagement with your customers, you might consider creating a series of posts highlighting your team. You get the opportunity to focus on some of the people who make your business successful, which allows your customers to feel a personal connection when engaging with your company. 

Bottom Line: Create and Post Content with Purpose!

2. Be Consistent

Consistency with the style of your content as well as when and how you share it is essential to maintaining your following. Quality content posted on a regular basis is more important than blasting your followers with material and then going silent. 

For Example: Instead of posting content every day for a week and then nothing for a month, try sharing content consistently either once or twice a week. 

Bottom Line: Once you create a pattern with your posts, your followers will establish expectations with how your brand is being presented. Don’t let them down!

3. Be Diverse

Have fun with the type of content you post and where you share it! When drafting your content plans, try to touch on a variety of different platforms and type (i.e. Video, Still Photos, Graphics, ect.). 

Example: Say you’re creating a mini campaign to launch a new tutorial video on IGTV, try teasing your audience with still photos in the main feed, then sharing snippets on IG Stories and finally launching your full length video on IGTV. 

Bottom Line: Keep it fresh and exciting for your followers.

4. Use Best Practices

Ensure that your content is high quality and meets all of your platform’s specs. In a sea of highly produced feeds, a video or photo posted that is poor quality or careless may be off-putting to your audience. Also, try to utilize tools like hashtags, geotags, captions etc. to your advantage; they are there to help you! 

Example: Say you own a flower shop and you’ve created a post that includes one of your employees named Katie. In that post you would want to make sure you do the following: tag Katie, geotag your flower shop, add hashtags and a caption. 

Bottom Line: Maximize your social tools and post with care.

5. Create and Post with Your Audience in Mind

The core of any content marketing strategy is to make sure you don’t lose sight of your customers when creating your social content! Think about who your customers are and what kind of content would bring them value if they saw it pop up in their feed. 

For Example: Let’s go back to the flower shop. Say you’ve created your customer profiles and you know one of your customer types is “David,” a 25-39 aged male and working professional who often sends flowers to his significant other. He has money to spend, but what he lacks is time. Now, say that you just rolled out your new online ordering and same day delivery service that could make David’s life easier and maybe even allow him to order more frequently! A post promoting the new service would definitely bring value to someone like David. 

Bottom Line: Put your customer’s needs before your own and just like that, your content won’t be about selling; it will be about connecting!

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